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On December 1, 2004, Filep Karma was arrested for raising a flag during a peaceful ceremony in Papua, Indonesia.  Sentenced to 15 years behind bars for his nonviolent activism, Filep continues to be an Amnesty International Prisoner of Conscience, and he needs our help!  Now is the time to take action: flood the streets of DC, educate your community, Write for Rights, stand with Filep now!

Thursday will mark the 7th anniversary of Filep’s arrest, and in honor of him, and of human rights everywhere, here are 7 ways that you can take action:

1. Demonstrate in DC! 
Join activists from around the Mid-Atlantic Region for a rally at Dupont Circle and a candlelight vigil at the Indonesian Embassy!  Coming on the heels of our incredible action at the White House on November 12, we need your voices to amplify the call for Filep’s immediate and unconditional release.  Together, we’ll march down Massachusetts Ave to the Indonesian Embassy, where we’ll project images from people who have stood in solidarity with Filep from around the world.  Will you be there?.  Contact Jiva at for more info.

2. Fax Blitz!
If you can’t make it to DC on Thursday, you can still let the Indonesian Embassy hear you by sending a politely worded letter to the President of Indonesia, urging him to bring about the immediate and unconditional release of Filep and all prisoners of conscience.  Send your fax to

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, c/o Embassy of Indonesia, 2020 Massachusetts Ave, NW, Washington DC 20036
Fax: 202-775-5365

3. Letter to the Editor
We need to keep telling the world about Filep’s situation, and what better way than through the media?  On December 1, submit a letter to the editor of your local/school newspaper educating people about Filep, and calling for his release.

4. Call your Representative!
The US government has the power to pressure Indonesia about Filep’s situation, and your Representative could be the one to introduce our Resolution!  For more information, including draft Resolution text, contact Ulana at  If you’re not sure who your US Representative is, you can find out at

5. Take Action Online!

6. Write For Rights!
The Global Write-a-Thon—the world’s largest human rights event—is here, and Filep’s case is featured this year!  Make sure to register an event as soon as possible at to get great materials that will help as many people as possible take action for Filep!

7. Flash-Mobilize!
How can you tell the compelling tale of Filep Karma’s unjust arrest and imprisonment in a fun and exciting way?  With a flash mob!  Find a public space on your campus, make some flags and signs, create some choreography or street theater, and make it happen!  Contact Jiva at for more info or ideas.

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